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5 Epic Water Adventures To Add To Your Travel List

By Eddie Bauer kayaker and two-time National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Ben Stookesberry
24 Jul 2021

Water is the most dominant physical feature of our planet. From the vast oceans of the world to beautiful lakes and rivers, adventuring on different bodies of water offers a totally different perspective and experience than the ones most of us encounter on terra firma. Water Adventures are the perfect way to disconnect from our day-to-day lives and engage fully in a 3-dimensional experience. They also provide both the ultimate destination for travel, or are the perfect opportunity to stay close to home. I recently partnered with @outbound to create a list of 5 places to find fantastic adventures on the water.

Explore Ben’s List of Summer Water Adventures

guide image ben stookesberry


Exploration Guide

Stookesberry has been the expedition instigator for more than 132 first descents on sections of Class V or Class VI rivers in 36 countries. A talented filmmaker and visual storyteller, he won a Best Adventure Film award at the Banff Film Festival for his 2011 film Kadoma and received critical acclaim for Walled In.

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