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6 Favorite Fall Hikes From Unlikely Hikers

By Jenny Bruso
15 Sep 2021

Hiking is my go-to for clarity and grounding. It reminds me that I am rooted in something so much bigger than myself and cuts through the overwhelming distractions of daily life. Much like the trees, mushrooms and wildflowers that enchant me, I grow here, too. Meaning, I always belong here in nature. Or, maybe in a less wordy way: hiking helps my mental and physical health.

Summer is the signal of adventures to come for many, but as a solo hiker and group hike leader with Unlikely Hikers, it’s the fall season I get most excited about. Cooler temps, less people and bugs, and if you get really lucky, you may witness the most magical light streaming through brightly colored leaves in such a way that can convert the self-proclaimed least-outdoorsy folks among us.

With Unlikely Hikers, I’ve had the privilege of leading hikes all over the U.S. with people of all identities and physical abilities. Hardcore hikers join us right along with people who don’t consider themselves hikers.

Check out the list of my favorite fall hikes!

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