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Embracing the Outdoors

Eddie Bauer Employee Allison’s Bainbridge Island Exploration
09 Aug 2023

Born and raised in Southern California, Eddie Bauer employee Allison Devine moved to Washington to attend Gonzaga University. Drawn by the state’s scenic and natural beauty, she ended up moving to the west side to pursue new opportunities. Prior to joining Eddie Bauer, she was not an outdoor enthusiast. However, she soon learned about embracing the outdoors in her own way. Her latest adventure? Exploring Bainbridge Island while wearing the Women’s Resolution Sleeveless Sport Dress!

About Allison

Allison started working at Eddie Bauer as a Wholesale Marketing Specialist. Following a brief hiatus, she moved into her current role as a Marketing Operations Specialist. This role consists of managing all marketing projects in Eddie Bauer’s project management software, ensuring that everything is running smoothly, and coordinating between various marketing teams (wholesale, social, PR, and so on). She loves how Eddie Bauer’s culture has been so welcoming and friendly. When in the office, being able to talk to people—even if they don’t know each other that well—has added to the fun, family-oriented atmosphere that she beams about.

Before working at the company, she did not see herself as an outdoorsy person. She was nervous about fitting into a brand that promotes an active lifestyle. Over time, however, Allison has been inspired to find more passion in exploring the outdoors through Eddie Bauer clothing and the brand’s emphasis on living your adventure. She is now an avid runner and is excited about her current trip to New Zealand, where she will be running and hiking!

Bainbridge Island and the Resolution Sleeveless Sport Dress

Allison recently went on a trip with a few of her co-workers across the Sound to Bainbridge Island for her very first photoshoot. She wanted to have as much fun as she could, as it was her first time in a photoshoot—as well as her first time on the island.

Following a couple of games of pickleball, the crew went to explore the tide pools, where they could see sea anemones and other aquatic creatures. As Allison slowly made her way into the water, she was stunned to find a 12-inch starfish, just inches from her foot. She recalls “feeling like a little kid again, just being outside and in nature.”

For this day trip, Allison wore the Women’s Resolution Sleeveless Sport Dress. She loved its comfortable fit, superb quality, and sporty feel. It was the perfect length for her, and she loved how it had a built-in bra and was made of moisture-wicking materials. With the new goal of living her own adventure, she would absolutely wear this piece as part of her everyday look, both casually and while being active outdoors. Allison notes how it is truly a “versatile, comfortable, stylish, all-around perfect sport dress.”

As she continues to embrace the outdoors, Allison mentions how she wants to give snowboarding a try, especially with Eddie Bauer’s amazing gear. One of her other favorite picks is the High-Rise Guide Pro Pant. Not only are these pants ideal for hiking on cooler days, but they’re comfortable, too! She also likes the water-resistant material on the puffers and jackets, especially the stylish Cloud Cap Insulated Rain jacket, which is undeniably perfect for the long-lasting rainy season in Seattle.

Allison continues to live her own adventure, expressing how it is “never too late to go back outside; the outdoors is always there!”

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