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Finding Balance

Eddie Bauer Employee Dewey’s First Paddle Boarding Excursion
17 Jul 2023

Born and raised in Seattle, Eddie Bauer Employee, Dewey Luu, has always been surrounded by unlimited outdoor opportunities, from hidden hiking trails to breathtaking mountain slopes. Living his own adventure, he is well-rounded with sport and outdoor experience ranging from basketball, frisbee and football, to hiking and snowboarding. And most recently, he has added a new one to his roster: paddle boarding while wearing Eddie Bauer’s Tidal Shorts 2.0!

About Dewey

Dewey had over a decade of experience working as a pharmacy technician before he switched industries into technology and software. A self-taught coder, he leveraged various online resources and began working for local companies. After realizing he wanted to pursue something more aligned with his charismatic energy and active lifestyle, Dewey joined Eddie Bauer as a product and data specialist, working with teams across the company to ensure smooth online product launches. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, and being so familiar with the brand, he enjoys integrating Eddie Bauer technical gear into his everyday attire. One of his favorites is The Switch Joggers. He raves about their comfort and stylish looks. Besides these, he seems to have a whole Eddie Bauer catalog in his closet, from a parka and down jackets, to fleeces, T-shirts, pants, shorts – you name it!

Paddle Boarding and the Tidal Shorts 2.0

For this project, Dewey, some of his coworkers, and a photographer took a day trip on the ferry across the Puget Sound and landed on Bainbridge Island. After touring some spots, including the beach, and enjoying the pickleball court, he got out on the water for the first time on the board. Dewey was all smiles throughout the excursion, especially with it being his first time on a photoshoot. Dewey was surprised by the amount of core balance it took to paddle board. At the beginning, his balance was fine as he was sitting down, but he began to shake when he knelt on the board, and then wobbled as he stood. He personally credits his athleticism for not falling into the water. Although a bit challenging, it made for some great, animated-faces in some of the photos. His advice for first-timers is to simply, “Just go,” and to, “Get out and do it.” One key aspect of his experience was the Tidal Shorts 2.0. Two of the biggest things that stood out to him were the comfort, and fashionable style. Not only did he wear them out on the sound, but Dewey has taken them with him to other travel destinations. From different pools and beaches, he has rocked the Tidal Shorts 2.0 and received numerous compliments, from the dope color schemes, to the lively prints, and in his words, “What more could you ask for?” From watching the sunset across the harbor, to seeing a seal only 100 feet away, now, looking back on his first time paddle boarding, it was an experience that brings only smiles. When asked about where he would like to paddle board next, he said, “Lake Washington…in my Tidal Shorts!”

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