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Hearts & High Fives

Happy Valentine’s Day!
14 Feb 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, we wanted to highlight two beautiful love stories from our non-profit partner of the month, the High Fives Foundation

Pierre Bergman, a High Fives Athlete, took a hard fall while mountain biking on Teton Pass in Jackson, Wyoming, and suffered a complete spinal cord injury. During one of his physical therapy sessions in 2020, Pierre was practicing a “knee transfer” with his girlfriend at the time, and after successfully balancing on one knee while doing the knee transfer, Pierre proposed to her!

Ryan McLaren, another High Fives Athlete, suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury while he was skiing at Mad River Glen in Vermont. After his injury, he received a board-approved Empowerment Grant which allowed him to participate in personal training, adaptive rowing sessions, acupuncture, and physical therapy sessions, and helped him pay for new equipment like AFO braces, forearm crutches, and a rowing machine. All of Ryan’s training allowed him to gain the mental and physical strength needed to stand and walk down the aisle on his wedding day!

You can support other High Five Athletes and their love stories by donating at checkout today!

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