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High Route Grid Fleece Full-Zip Jacket

By Jenny Bruso
09 Sep 2021

Even for a simple hike in Northwest Oregon, you have to be prepared for multiple weather conditions. Frosty mornings, rain, exposed sections of trail, and wind-whipping summits. I’ve been on many hikes with all of these scenarios in one day.

Eddie Bauer’s High Route Grid Fleece is a great piece for all of these conditions. The FreeHeat® polyester/spandex fabric wicks moisture while enhancing warmth and the grid-like texture underneath allows breathability.

For colder temperatures, it can be worn as a mid-layer between a shirt and puffy and the thumb hole sleeves are great for tucking under gloves, but let’s be real, most of us just like fidgeting with thumb holes.

Personally, I heat up quickly once I get moving so I tend to leave outer layers for summits and snack breaks. The full-zip style is my go-to for even more breathability and the four-way stretch keeps me from feeling restricted—another reason why I tend to skip outer layers while I’m on the move.

All of this functional technology is amazing, right? But for me, style is nearly as important and the High Route Grid Fleece has this, too. There are so many color options, including bright colors that go up to 3X. So often, plus-size offerings don’t get the same color and style considerations as traditional sizes. I went right for the Flame and Meridian Blue colors. I also love the longer length. Butts get cold! And the contouring fit line details are a thoughtful and stylish touch.

Recently, I went on a big, month-long cross country road trip from Oregon to Vermont with my dog Big Judy. The trip culminated in a plus-size queer backpacking trip I led with The Venture Out Project. In total, we traveled across 18 states! Whether it was hiking and backpacking, sleeping in the back of my car and in my hammock, I wore my Grid Fleeces every day. I really can’t say that about any other item of clothing I have, outdoor or otherwise. That’s major.

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