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How to Enjoy a French Press on Mount Everest

And Other High Altitude Coffee Tips with Adrian Ballinger
14 Apr 2022

No matter where you are in the world, there is always a need for a quality cup of coffee even on Mount Everest. Some may think you will not be able to enjoy a French Press or even a Cortado in the outdoors let alone at 26,000 ft., but Adrian Ballinger who has summitted Mt Everest many times will beg to differ. In this video, Adrian Ballinger will walk you through his high-altitude coffee routine as he moves from base camp to the summit showcasing all of the tools he uses along the way.

For reference, here is a quick guide you can use for your next camping trip or mountain climb.

1. At Base camp (17,000 ft.): Adrian uses pre-ground coffee in a portable French Press to fuel his team.

2. At Advanced Base Camp (21,000 ft.): Adrian employs his favorite tools, a hand grinder with Aeropress Go with beans from his favorite spot in Tahoe, Pacific Crest Coffee Co.

3. At Base Camp 2-3 (24,000 ft.): At this elevation, Adrian ditches the larger equipment and sticks to using the Handpresso with coffee pods.

4. Summit Push (26,000 ft.): With limited time, Adrian goes with instant coffee using a portable stove to boil water mixing in his favorite Alpine Start instant coffee.

More Information on the tools and products Adrian referenced in this video:
Aeropress Go:
Pacific Crest Coffee Co:
Handpresso Pump:
Alpine Start Instant Coffee:


Alpine Climbing Guide (AMGA/IFMGA)

In his two decades as a professional guide, Adrian has led more than a hundred clients to the summits of several 8000-meter peaks, including Everest, Lhotse, Manaslu, and Cho Oyu. He’s personally summited Everest eight times.

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