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Imagine What’s Possible

Find Yourself Outside with Perry Cohen
28 May 2021

Find Yourself Outside – Where do you go to find out who you really are and what you’re really capable of? Eddie Bauer One Outside leader Perry Cohen reminds us that trust, wonder, and courage connect us back to our true selves, and that nature creates spaces of infinite possibility for us. Are you ready to live the life you imagined?


Eddie Bauer One Outside Guide

Perry is an avid runner, biker, and backcountry skier who is Avalanche L1 certified. He’s also a lifeguard, a Wilderness First Responder, and the founder of The Venture Out Project, a non-profit organization that brings together queer, trans, and LGBTQ+ members to create community, develop leadership skills, and gain confidence through the shared experience of outdoor adventure.


Exploration Guide

Trevor Frost is an explorer, filmmaker, and photographer with an obsession for sharing stories that explore the human relationship with nature. He received his first grant from the National Geographic Society at 22 and at 29 completed his first feature story as a photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Over the last decade, Trevor has worked on every continent except Antarctica , often in remote and difficult environments, like rainforests and caves.

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