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Introducing The Downclime Alpine Sleeping Bag

Part of an ultralight, one-of-a-kind sleep system.
26 Apr 2023

A new way to sleep

The Downclime Bag, when paired with the Downclime Alpine Parka, creates a unique ultralight system: the Downclime Alpine Sleeping Bag. This system offers several benefits to climbers who may be concerned about weight and space (otherwise known as “weight-weenies”). 

Blue box with text inside that says " Save space and weight in your pack when you're traveling through backcountry terrain or climbing alpine peaks." With icons calling out the technical features of the sleeping bag: Stormrepel Super DWR, 800 Fill Power, and Packable.
A GIF of the Downclime Alpine Sleeping bag attaching and de-taching from the Downclime Alpine Parka.

You know, the nutters who are always meticulously calculating totals, trying to shave off as many grams as possible – or the baddies who believe they don’t need much as they head deep into the backcountry for many days with only a 35L pack (daypack size) on their backs and the bare minimum for survival. Regardless, this one-of-a-kind sleeping bag + parka combo performs incredibly well while remaining comfortable for even entry-level adventurers. 

Image of the Downclime Alpine Parka
Blue box with text inside that says "A lightweight belay parka for the most extreme, 8000-meter conditions." With icons calling out the technical  features of the jacket: Stormrepel Super DWR, 800 Fill Power, Ripstop, and Windproof.

One-of-a-kind design

What’s cool is that you won’t find a product like this anywhere else! The bag’s design is a giant leap from similar products that have been offered in the past by only the most technical and niche outdoor brands. The bag zips directly into the body of the parka, giving you lots of space to turn over in your sleep, mimicking the feel of a real sleeping bag. Overall, the Downclime Bag is a versatile and space-saving alternative for those seeking high-performance gear for any kind of adventure

Product image of the Downclime Alpine Sleeping Bag

Downclime Alpine Sleeping Bag

Product image of the women's Downclime Alpine Parka

Women’s Downclime Alpine Parka

Product image of the men's Downclime Alpine Parka

Men’s Downclime Alpine Parka

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