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Men’s Amphib Cargo Shorts

By Eddie Bauer One Outside Leader Tyrhee Moore
11 May 2021

I was lucky enough to test Eddie Bauer’s Men’s Amphib Cargo shorts while paddle boarding near DC recently. As someone who prefers to pack light, it’s always great to have key wardrobe items that can adapt to whatever exciting adventure I may have up my sleeve.

The Amphib Cargo Shorts were great for paddle boarding because the quick-dry fabric made it incredibly easy to spend time in and out of the water, in addition to the four-way stretch which was great for mobility while moving on the board.

Draining Pockets
Unlike standard swim trunks that frequently have pockets that swell with water, the pockets in my Amphib Cargo shorts drain immediately. This is useful because my shorts do not get heavy with water bubbles and pull down if I’m getting in and out of the water. That also means they remain form fitted and great looking for water shots if you enjoy taking photos like me.

StormRepel DWR
Water ran right off my shorts any time they got wet. I couldn’t believe how well they deflected moisture – there were times where I could visually see water droplets running down the sides of my shorts, unable to penetrate the StormRepel DWR finish.

4-Way Stretch
I loved how these shorts felt with every stride and stretch. They moved with my body incredibly well and the stretch material allowed me to make quick, active movements while paddling, standing,and kneeling on the board. These are like an all-in-one guide, swim, hiking short and they master the needs of each activity. They were breathable and nonrestrictive, which made them perfect for a summer day out on the water.

The Amphib Cargo Shorts are incredibly lightweight. Unlike most cargos I’ve worn, these shorts still have the proper storage and pocket demands but are not bulky and heavy. In fact, they were form fitted and quite honestly make you feel lighter.

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