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Out Here, I Remember

A word from the Filmmakers at Brave Space Media
17 Oct 2022

In outdoor culture, we typically think of adventure as starting “out there” in the wilderness, on the side of a mountain or at the crest of a peak. 

But we know that the adventure actually begins long before we ever set foot on the trail. Whether it’s processing our fears, overcoming physical or mental challenges, finding a community of adventurers to encourage us as we gain the confidence and skills to get outside, or building inclusive spaces that create opportunity for everyone to access the healing power of nature, the exhilaration of outdoor adventure often leads us on a journey back to ourselves.

Kayla, Tyrhee, Kisha, and Samara, the four explorers in this year’s Live Your Adventure series, show us how they live their adventures by leaning into the outdoors as a space to heal, nourish, and reconnect with themselves, their communities, and our planet.

Dig deeper into each story in the Live Your Adventure Season 2 series:

Kayla’s Healing

Tyrhee’s Community

Kisha’s Power

 Samara’s Reconnection

“Out Here, I Remember” is the culmination piece of the 2022 Live Your Adventure series. We’re partnering with previous One Outside Film Grant winners Erin Joy Nash & Sanjana Sekhar of Brave Space Media to highlight four Eddie Bauer partners who are tapping into the healing power of outdoor recreation to nourish themselves, their communities, and our planet.

About the Filmmakers

Brave Space Media is a multi-racial, women-led, radically collaborative creative team dedicated to stories of healing that uplift traditionally underrepresented voices. Brave Space’s founder Erin Joy Nash is a visual storyteller working to incite change and foster connection through filmmaking and photography. Her work focuses on elevating voices of womxn and BIPOC around issues of intersectional feminism, antiracism, environmental justice, and compassionate living. Collaborative partner and co-director Sanjana Sekhar is an Indian-American filmmaker, climate action communicator, and outdoor wanderer. Her work seeks to amplify character-driven stories that heal our human relationships to ourselves, each other, and our planet, with a specific interest in socio-ecological justice, ancestral knowledge, and systems of re-nourishment. Together, the team prioritizes imagining, learning, and co-creating a decolonizing approach to filmmaking.

About the Composer

Alfred Sheppard was born into a musical family and started playing the piano at the age of three. Throughout his life, he’s won numerous awards, toured with award-winning singer-songwriter Mandy Harvey, played on Jimmy Fallon, and composed the soundtrack for Brave Space Media’s “Expedition Reclamation“, a film funded by Eddie Bauer’s One Outside Film Grant, winning “Best Composer” at Berlin International Art Film Festival. His undying passion for serving the story is apparent throughout every conversation with a director or producer. He’s written epic orchestral works for those vast, sweeping landscape scenes as well as pulsing electronic music for those tense finger-biting moments.

Land Acknowledgement and Land Back Location Fee

“Out Here, I Remember” was created across the Indigenous lands of Turtle Island. To learn more about the Native nations specific to each piece in this series, check out each film’s page. Moving beyond simply land acknowledgment, Brave Space Media practices a commitment of 5% of a project’s budget to local #landback initiatives or similar Indigenous-led initiatives that directly support local tribal nations. Traditionally on a film production, filmmakers will budget for the costs of location permitting or renting studios and venues for filming. Brave Space Media wants to encourage all storytellers to consider the land and her stewards as part of the creative ecosystem, to dig deeper into what reciprocity truly looks like, and to continue learning more about how the industry can participate in reparations for stolen land.


Donate to or volunteer for Native Land Digital, the go-to digital map aimed at mapping Indigenous lands in a way that changes, challenges, and improves the way people see history and the present day. We hope to strengthen the spiritual bonds that people have with the land, its people, and its meaning.

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