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Put to the Test: The Rainfoil® Ridge Jacket

By: Filmmaker Abdul Kassamali
04 Apr 2021

My current role as a film producer has me spending a lot of time on sets outdoors, which raises my need for durable, weatherproof, and comfortable outerwear.

I grew up an Eddie Bauer fan, so I was excited by the opportunity to review their new Rainfoil® Ridge Jacket. Commuting by bus back and forth to different parts of town growing up, I am well aware of the need for a good rain jacket to survive Seattle’s wet season. Here are my thoughts:

I’ll start the review by saying I am a big fan of the style of the jacket. I personally chose the black in the large/tall size, and I’m glad to say it complements a lot of the clothing I currently own.

As a 6’2, 165lb skinny man, finding the right fit is quite difficult. Finding the right chest size to sleeve length combo is almost impossible without having something tailored, and I usually have to sacrifice one for the other. While the Rainfoil® Ridge Jacket doesn’t completely solve this problem, it definitely fits better than most of the rain jackets I have worn in the past. With the size I chose, I am able to comfortably wear a hoodie underneath the jacket and still have some breathing room. The adjustable hem and cuffs also help with the fit.

The jacket has 3 main pockets. One 7-inch zip up pocket on the inside of the left part of the jacket, and two large 15” zip pockets on both sides of the jacket. The inner pocket is the perfect size to protect your iPhone and your wallet from the rain. The side pockets are extremely large. I was able to transport an iPad, water bottle, and a couple of miscellaneous items around without much of an issue. All the pockets protected my equipment from the rain extremely well, even in trying weather.

Room For Improvement
The pockets zip from the bottom to the top, meaning in order to access the items in the pocket you need to fully open the 15” zipper, which can become cumbersome if you need to repeatedly access items from your pocket. It also makes it harder to use the pockets to warm up your hands, as you need to zip the pockets all the way down to do so, leaving the items in the pocket vulnerable to rain damage, and allowing heat to escape.

The jacket didn’t keep me warm in temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below that, I had to pair the jacket with a sweater or a hoodie to keep me warm.

Overall impression
I am a huge fan of the jacket, especially for the price. Even with the large pockets and the lack of insulation, there is definitely a time and place for this jacket, and you would be hard-pressed to find anything better on the market.

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