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Soul Trak Outdoors: A Bridge to Wild Spaces

Tyrhee Moore’s mission to get everyone outside
02 Aug 2023

SOUL TRAK OUTDOORS builds diverse cohorts of outdoor leaders, forges inclusive outdoor spaces, facilitates stronger outdoor communities for underrepresented groups, and uses outdoor adventure to create new stewards of public lands. The organization was founded by Tyrhee Moore in November of 2018.

tyrhee moore walking up a rocky hill in the fog

Who is Tyrhee Moore?

tyrhee moore walking in a forrest trail with a backpack

Tyrhee Moore is an outdoor education advocate and highly notable outdoorsman. He’s a native of Washington, D.C., and he has a degree in Sports Management from West Virginia University. He is also an Eddie Bauer community leader. His passion for mountaineering has led him to climb numerous peaks including Aconcagua, Grand Teton, and Kilimanjaro. He was also a part of Expedition Denali, the first entirely African American team to summit Denali.  

After his second ascent of Denali in 2017, he received national attention for his advocacy efforts in getting Black communities immersed in outdoor spaces—especially Black youth. He has appeared on TV, in campaigns for The North Face, and on the award-winning documentary, An American Ascent. As both a champion of encouraging diversity in the outdoors and a motivational speaker, Tyrhee believes in sharing his own experiences and stories with others with the goal of inspiring the next generation to pursue new opportunities.

Outside of his career and volunteer work, Tyrhee enjoys being outside, trail running with his dog, spending time with his loved ones, and serving as a mentor for younger leaders in his community.

Why is Soul Trak Outdoors essential?

Anyone can explore the world’s outdoor spaces while participating in outdoor activities. However, socioeconomic barriers, inaccessibility, and general unawareness can inhibit certain groups of people when it comes to getting outside. In fact, data gathered by the National Park Service (or NPS) in 2018 found that only 6% of park visitors across the country identified as Black, even though African Americans made up 13% of the national population. Similarly, the data found that Latinx, Native Americans, and other people of color were underrepresented as well. On the other hand, an estimated 78% of all park visitors identified as white.

A bridge to wild spaces

Tyrhee founded Soul Trak Outdoors in November of 2018 with the goal of exposing community members to outdoor activities, helping them see the outdoors as a place for everyone—regardless of background, economic status, age, or gender. Soul Trak Outdoors strives to act as a bridge to wild spaces by uplifting outdoor leaders of diverse backgrounds and creating an outdoors that more accurately reflects the diversity of our nation. To accomplish its mission, Soul Trak Outdoors offers a variety of programs to introduce urban residents to hiking, climbing, paddling, and biking while increasing awareness surrounding leadership, community enhancement, outdoor advocacy, and outdoor exposure.

Today, Tyrhee remains committed to increasing outdoor access and opportunities to underrepresented communities to stimulate new learning, growth, and appreciation for our planet.


Eddie Bauer One Outside Guide

Tyrhee is a mountaineer and outdoor education advocate born and raised in southeast Washington, D.C. In 2018, he founded Soul Trak Outdoors, a D.C.-based nonprofit that connects communities of color to outdoor spaces while also building a coalition of diverse outdoor leaders.

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