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Trail, Town & Travel in Eddie Bauer’s Trail Tight High-Rise Moto Leggings

By: Clare Healy
27 Mar 2021

Finding the perfect pants isn’t always the smoothest task, but when you do, make sure they’re pants you can wear for (almost) every occasion. When you live in a 72 square-foot van, every piece of clothing is widely debated – its purpose, its style, its comfort, where it goes, how durable it is, I could go on. And when not living in a van, I believe that a dash more of this type of discernment is better on the planet and our wallets.

So, when I unboxed the Eddie Bauer Trail Tight High-Rise Moto Leggings, I was nothing short of impressed to see a pair of pants that couldn’t be identified as just hiking pants, running tights, loungewear, or city attire. In other words – jackpot, and at no better time than right before we were hitting the road for a few months.

As we packed up our van after a bone-chilling winter in Portland, Maine and prepped to take the southern route back to the west coast (read: soak up some much-needed sunshine), all the non-necessities had to go. Despite all attempts at keeping only a minimal amount of worldly possessions, it takes a certain amount of preparation and versatility for a few months of city-exploring, biking, running, and camping. As our wardrobe dwindled down to a handful of items, the Eddie Bauer leggings were clearly chosen as a must-have.

If you love the outdoors or traveling as much as we do, you know all too well that some clothes just don’t make the cut. They show dirt and grit too much. They’re cheaply made and disintegrate after a few washes. They are seemingly perfect in every way except the fit is slightly off. Furthermore, if you have any sort of hips or curves (raises hand), finding the perfect pair of pants can be exponentially more difficult.

This all being said, Eddie Bauer has defied the odds for us. The Trail Tight High-Rise Moto Leggings can be rocked at the crag or at a restaurant. Their durable material can not only survive the ringer of multi-sport activities, but the odor control means these pants can go longer between washes. For anyone living on the road, this is a game-changer in itself.

On top of this, the tights have a large slit pocket on the outer thigh, perfect for anyone who doesn’t like holding their phone and/or wallet constantly. Needless to say, these tights are getting major wear – not just by me, but by my partner as well. The four-way stretch fabric means a versatile fit for different body-types and raw comfort no matter the activity on hand. The tights fit snuggly but comfortably. The combo of the high-waisted fit and the internal drawstring means they always stay put whether walking around town, running, or even biking. Lastly, as someone with long legs, I was excited to find that the length was neither too long nor too short.

So, whether you’re an avid outdoors enthusiast, a frequent traveler, or a professional homebody (thanks, COVID-19), I encourage you to venture out in these tights. I bet you won’t look back.

Clare Healy is a regular contributor at Outbound Collective. You can read more of her stories here: and follow her adventures on the road at @clarebhealy.

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